Art Up SkyShow

“Art Up SkyShow” was an exciting feature of the Art Gallery of NSW’s Sydney Modern’s opening celebrations.

Blending art and technology in a new form of artistic expression, the Art Up SkyShow expanded the impact of the opening celebrations beyond the gallery walls and into the skies over Woolloomooloo Bay for the whole of Sydney to see.

Featuring a unique collaboration with renowned indigenous artist Reko Rennie and his commanding artworks, 400 drones animated the beautiful artworks to a bespoke soundtrack, composed by Deborah Cheetham AO. Art Up SkyShow paid homage to the past, present and future and the history of our country in relation to First Nations people.

Expand the reach of the Art Gallery of NSW’s Sydney Modern opening celebrations
Event Concept and Development Event Management Drone SkyShow
Greater Sydney, Visiting Friends and Relatives, Culture and Art Lovers
3-11 December 2022
Art Up AGB Projects 1
Art Up AGB Projects 2


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