Cairns Festival

AGB Creative has collaborated with Cairns Festival since 2017, showcasing the region’s rich culture through a projection event in the heart of Cairns. 

AGB Creative teamed up with artists reflecting the dynamic diversity of Cairns, merging digital storytelling and projection mapping with traditional art to transform the Cairns City Library. The artworks celebrate North Queensland’s culture, history, and tropical lifestyle, making this event a highlight on the Cairns’ calendar. Cairns Festival serves as a vital social capital tool for the local community. 

Lighting installation for community festival
Event Concept Development, Creative Direction, Digital Storytelling, Content Creation
General Public, Visiting Friends and Relatives
Annual Event
Cairns Festival AGB Projects 3
Cairns Festival 1
Cairns Festival 2
Cairns Festival AGB Projects 2
Cairns Festival 3
Cairns Festival 4
Cairns Festival AGB Projects 1
Cairns Festival 5
Cairns Festival 7


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