Delectable Festival

Following the 2010-11 Brisbane floods, Queensland Tourism approached AGB Creative to create an event that would help heal their community. 

Building on the region’s identity as ‘food bowl of Australia’, AGB Creative designed a festival called Delectable, showcasing Queensland’s finest produce, growers, chefs, gardeners, entertainers and musicians. Transforming Brisbane’s public spaces into grower’s fields, animations, and pop-up restaurants, locals and visitors were able to experience the richness of Queensland’s produce and culinary talent. The 5-day event attracted over 200,000 people, bringing the community together.  

Community and industry recovery following floods
Concept Development, Event Management & Delivery
General Public, Hospitality Industry
July 2012
Delectable Festival 5
Delectable Festival 2
Delectable Festival 3
Delectable Festival 4
Delectable Festival 1


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