Macquarie Visions

AGB Creative collaborated with the Macquarie 2010 Bicentenary Committee to honour and celebrate the incredible achievements of Governor Lachlan Macquarie and Elizabeth Macquarie’s contributions to Australian history.  

AGB Creative introduced Macquarie Visions, an event that illuminated key Sydney landmarks along Macquarie Street, creating an outdoor art gallery with relevant and inspiring projections. Macquarie Visions was viewed by over 170,000 people and millions globally, becoming a highlight of the anniversary celebrations. 

Commemoration of the anniversary of Governor Lachlan Macquarie
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Macquarie Vision AGB Projects 1
Macquarie Vision AGB Projects 2
Macquarie Vision 4
Macquarie Vision 5
Macquarie Vision AGB Projects 3
Macquarie Vision 6
Macquarie Vision 7


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