St. Vincent’s Hospital Life Gala

Since 2017, AGB Creative has enhanced “St Vincent’s Hospital’s Life Dinner Gala”, a key fundraiser for the Curran Foundation.

Each year, the gala delivers a beautiful, seamless, and inspiring experience to a sold-out crowd at Paddington Town Hall. The event’s success has stimulated significant fundraising for the Curran Foundation. AGB Creative continues to support St Vincent’s Curran Foundation, adding them as the official charity partner for the Lights of Christmas, providing greater exposure and fundraising opportunities.

Official Fundraising Event
Creative Direction, Event Management & Delivery
Compassionate Sydney Philanthropists and Corporate Donors
Annual Event 2017-2020
St Vincents Hospital Life Gala 1
St Vincents Hospital Life Gala 2
St Vincents Hospital Life Gala 3


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