Dhai Dubai

Expo City Dubai partnered with AGB Creative to establish “Dhai Dubai”, an Emirati light festival celebrating Dubai’s creative culture. Held in the heart of Expo City, the free outdoor event features mesmerising light installations by local artists, transforming the urban landscape into a luminous canvas.

The theme, “Light Influences Life,” underscores light’s impact on the desert and daily life. Through immersive displays, Dhai Dubai illuminates the region’s stories, traditions, and innovations, fostering appreciation for local artistry and heritage.

AGB Creative’s initiative highlights Dubai’s vibrant artistic community, positioning the festival as a luminous celebration of the city’s spirit and legacy on the global stage.

Showcasing Emirati art and culture through storytelling and light
Event Concept Development, Creative Direction, Curation, Digital Storytelling, Event Management & Delivery
Local Communities, Cultural Tourists, Art Enthusiasts
Annual Event in January
Dhai Dubai Projects 1
Dhai Dubai Projects 2
Dhai Dubai Projects 3


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