Vivid Sydney Light Walk

In 2008 AGB Creative proposed to the NSW Government a new light festival concept. The solution was to create a signature tourism event that would capture the attention of the world and increase hotel occupancy during the winter months. 

When it debuted in the winter of 2009 it attracted 200,000 people. Today, ”Vivid Sydney” is the world’s largest outdoor light art gallery, attracting over 2.3 million visitors annually, and Australia’s largest public event.  Hotel occupancy during the Vivid Sydney  period grew from 34% in 2008, to now over 94%. 

AGB Creative is proud to have curated, produced and delivered the Vivid Sydney Light Walk for 10 years, a driving force in making this the world’s largest outdoor light art gallery and Australia’s largest public event.

Destination tourism and to provide a free, public event.
Concept Development, Curation, Event Management and Delivery
General Public, Visiting Friends and Relatives
Created and produced by AGB Creative 2009 – 2018. Vivid Sydney is an ongoing annual event in winter months.
Vivd Light 1
Vivd Light Half 1
Vivd Light Half 2
Vivd Light 2
Vivd Light Half 3
Vivd Light Half 4


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