Noël Sydney

AGB Creative created and produced a new, magical Christmas festival for Sydney running over 16 nights. Noël was designed to capture the wonder and spirit of holiday traditions but with a local, Southern Hemisphere sensibility – creating a fun festive atmosphere.  

Featuring 23 towering digital Christmas trees nestled throughout the Parade Ground in the Royal Botanic Garden, AGB played with animated projection and stunning light treatments. The festival was accompanied by 40 artisan market stalls, nightly entertainment programs and festive food and bar offerings. Australian performers David Campbell, Bella Taylor-Smith and Emma Pask took to the stage, along with the community choir providing entertainment for evening guests to share in the joy.   

The Noël Christmas SkyShow delivered magic to the skies with a stunning 500 drone light show over Farm Cove. 

A joyful Christmas celebration that brings community together and into Sydney’s CBD
Event Concept and Development, Event Management
General Public, Visiting Friends and Relatives
9-24 December 2022
Noel Sydney 1
Noel Sydney 2
Noel Sydney 5
Noel Sydney 4
Noel Sydney 3


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